Produced sporadically from the bowels of a mid-trend PC academe circa early 2000-teens, this literary interview and lecture program, The Alfred Wichly Show, has been unearthed and the surviving video extracts*, with a forthcoming anthology, are to be presented, if a publisher is willing to risk the porcelain gulag for minuscule returns. Alfred Wichly hopes, in vain, to relaunch his project, even and especially if refusing to live out an apology concerning his subversive works and general existence (having cost him a life, career and family – an exile and public shaming for which he is perhaps ultimately thankful, because fuck anything taken that easily) causes as much harm to the pristine psyches of SJWs as has already befallen him for many a minor political trespass, even though he practices the great contemporary sin (and paradox according to most theoretical identity worshipping post-structuralist hokum) of apolitical art.


The Alfred Wichly Tapes
Featuring Transcripts from The Alfred Wichly Show
& Selections from Mother Tongue of the Foreign Born: A Neutered Anthology

Edited by Alfred Wichly
Introduction by Sean Kilpatrick
Sean Kilpatrick Bio by Alfred Wichly
Anthology Introduction and Bios by Alfred Wichly

Poetry by (with Author Notes)
Quentin Pisante
Plank Struthers
Gerald Adorf
Diamanda Horsefly
Winston Veils III
Serafima Spigotsky
Dante Crimp

*”Show” is an ironic consummation of the recovered video files taken from the student who had me fired’s clandestine classroom phone recordings during my short lived career as a professor. Play Pantera’s 13 Steps in your head for a fucking theme song.